What gets you there won’t KEEP you there!

Ok, know you have heard me (and many others say) “don’t worry about the HOW” “stay focused on possibility and vision” when chasing goals.

It’s true sorta…🤥 You see, YES that works at first. It gets you THERE! But then, you DO need a good plan to follow. The HOW.

You see vision works to keep you motivated, and to get you THERE. It works to keep you excited and in flow! It works for enrolling others in your vision as well! When you are super focused on where you are GOING, the feeling you will have when you get there and why you want it it DOES get you there initially. I know! I LIVED IN THE VISION but let’s be real, vision alone doesn’t pay the bills 🙈

However, never focusing on the correct “how”, a proven method or formula will not keep you there. In fact it may make you fail and pretty hard.

What gets you there won’t KEEP you there! With Natalie Jll

In fitness, fat loss, nutrition and health, I have/had a process! I’ve taught it to many of you!

But with business I did not. This is not uncommon with creative people BTW!

Time and time again I talk to creative people and entrepreneurs that share my same story- the vision got them there but not paying attention to the details of the “how” tanked them.

You’ve followed my formulas for fat loss and aging in reverse. For business, follow James method.

It’s what changed everything for me. He simplified and makes sense of the HOW!

His binge worthy “rise of the digital CEO” series is up!

View it now at www.nataliejillfitness.com/bizflix

It’s a fun and entertaining series he put so much creativity and great info into!

You must see this! I wish I had learned these things before.


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