Stop believing that “when I have this I will BE this”

Stop believing that “when I have this I will BE this”

Stop believing that “when I have this I will BE this”Stop believing that “when I have this I will BE this” with Natalie Jill

Do you think these things?

When I have money I’ll be…
When I get fit I will be…
When I get married I’ll be…
When my business is successful I will be…
When I get that client I’ll be…

Your thinking this way is why you do not have it and you won’t ever “be it”.

You are working backwards. Start from where you WANT TO GO.

BE first then DO this then you will HAVE

How do you do this?

Get in the frame and FORCE THE VISION!

Here is HOW:
Create a space for peace and time to think. This can be walking by yourself, sitting quietly, lying down (this part doesn’t matter)

Imagine you already have what it is you want and are waiting for.

What does it feel like?
What does it look like?
How do you spend your time when there?
What do you eat? Drink? As that person?
What are your hobbies as this person?
What choices and decisions does that person make?

Ok… got it? Now here is the part you get to commit to:

Go about your day , your week, your month as THAT person.

Make decisions and choices from THAT PLACE!

If your brain is giving you reasons why you can’t do this then you won’t. Stop being the type of person that does that. If that’s you, Repeat the assignment a million times If you have to 😊

This is supposed to be uncomfortable.

This is supposed to challenge you.

DECIDE to do it anyways.
Let go of your stories and feelings around it.



Natalie Jill



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