I surrender

I surrender

I surrender


First let me say I am NOT IN MENOPAUSE. I’m 47 and proud and work with women who are but this is an inaccurate statement on the cover. AND today I get to practice living my work… I get to let go of control, drop into my heart, practice gratitude and “surrender”
I surrender with Natalie Jill
There’s that word again… “surrender”

I swear I am getting that word tattooed on my arm.

This weekend there were a lot of tech issues, glitches, email delivery issues and the founding member offer I’ve been so excited about. All small “detail glitch” stuff that has all been fixed AND in the big picture they were not things for me to get worked up about.

My “Controller personality”

AND my “controller personality” was in high speed trying to “fix and control everything” all weekend. It was like I refused to let go, slow down and drop the small details- I was sweating ALL the “small stuff” again. And I know better!

It takes consistent practice and a tribe to remind you to surrender. I thought I had mastered this but I have not yet. I’m learning this new way. I wasted hours and hours being stressed, trying to “fix” things and control them.

Control is an illusion. It’s not possible. And I still fell into the spell of it and tried.

And well, the universe had a lesson for me this am.

I wake up to THIS cover and feature all over the UK! I’m grateful for the coverage AND I’m also not in menopause and never said I was. “Stop the press!” I get that expression now! Haha!

Clearly a miscommunication somewhere and I certainly can’t fix or control this.

Sooooo there you have it.



Breathing, letting it go now, giggling about it and…

I’m grateful for the coverage.
I’m grateful for the coverage.
I’m grateful for the coverage .

The article is great despite the word that shouldn’t have been written there.

I surrender. Will you?

More committed than ever this morning to my vision.

This is a movement- we get to surrender.

Ladies: where is the need to control and “get it all done” holding you back?

xo, Natalie Jill

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