Hustle, Believe, Receive with Sarah Centrella

You can manifest the life of your dreams, and Sarah Centrella is the master of this. 

Sarah was married to her High School sweetheart and together for nearly 16 years. As a stay home mom With 3 kids she was content.

After watching a tv episode about husbands that cheat, A quick moment of woman’s intuition found her looking   at her husbands cell phone. That peek, altered the course of her life forever.

Her husband was having an affair. He moved out that night leaving her and her three children behind. Broken and Scared

Survival was Sarah’s first instinct.

On welfare and foodstamps she asked herself “now what?”

She sold everything she owned, begged and pleaded for someone to lease her and her kids a tiny 2 bedroom apartment and decided that she would NOT allow any negative thoughts in. She decided that it was HER CHOICE what the next chapter of her life would bring and she shut up any voice within that told her otherwise.

She shifted her focus to what is POSSIBLE and it was liberating.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to manifest the life of your dreams
  • What’s a vision board and how to utilize them starting now
  • Why your toughest days are your greatest blessings
  • How to Hustle, Believe, Receive



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