Helping Others Achieve the Next Level of Success with Mike Young

Helping Others Achieve the Next Level of Success with Mike Young

Mike Young helps people who have achieved a level of success in their business, that that next step forward…by looking influential, powerful, sexy, and appealing to their audience.

Mike has invested the equivalent of a Harvard degree in his own self-education for business, marketing, and branding programs. He is well studied with over 10,000 hours of dedication to learning hi craft.

As a successful Entrepreneur in 2008, Mike was living the dream. He had the house, the cars, and the EGO that went along with it.

In an instant, his world was shattered. Mike lost his company, his income, and his confidence.

Mike had to shift. He had to learn how to LEVEL UP and be able to create EVERYTHING from NOTHING.

Today, with a new outlook on accountability, mindset and life,  Mike Young focuses OUT helping some of the most popular personal brands online. Helping THEM stand out.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to rebound after losing a company
  • The art of branding yourself to level up
  • How marketing can help you achieve your dreams



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