Hustle, Believe, Receive with Sarah Centrella

You can manifest the life of your dreams, and Sarah Centrella is the master of this. 

Sarah was married to her High School sweetheart and together for nearly 16 years. As a stay home mom With 3 kids she was content.

After watching a tv episode about husbands that cheat, A quick moment of woman’s intuition found her looking   at her husbands cell phone. That peek, altered the course of her life forever.

Her husband was having an affair. He moved out that night leaving her and her three children behind. Broken and Scared

Survival was Sarah’s first instinct.

On welfare and foodstamps she asked herself “now what?”

She sold everything she owned, begged and pleaded for someone to lease her and her kids a tiny 2 bedroom apartment and decided that she would NOT allow any negative thoughts in. She decided that it was HER CHOICE what the next chapter of her life would bring and she shut up any voice within that told her otherwise.

She shifted her focus to what is POSSIBLE and it was liberating.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to manifest the life of your dreams
  • What’s a vision board and how to utilize them starting now
  • Why your toughest days are your greatest blessings
  • How to Hustle, Believe, Receive



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A Broken Body is Not a Broken Person with Janine Shepherd

A Broken Body is Not a Broken Person with Janine Shepherd

“When you are at rock bottom it doesn’t show you who you ARE it shows you who you are NOT”

Janine Shepherd was an elite athlete known as “Janine the Machine.” It was on a bike ride with her teammates while Training for the olympics that tragedy struck….she was hit by a truck head on.

Janine woke up 10 days later in the ICU with her neck and back broken in multiple places, collapsed bones and ribs and paralyzed from the waist down. She spent 6 months in the spinal ward trying to wrap her mind around what had happened to her. Her body – that body that had defined her – was no longer Janine the Machine.

With all consuming pain, no movement from the waist down, a catheter bottle that would become part of her, Janine recalls feeling like she was in another world -like she was in a life that was meant for someone else – not her.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The mindset needed to overcome ANYTHING
  • How your physical doesn’t define who you are
  • When your life becomes ‘derailed’ how do you create your next purpose



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Expanding Your Vision and Never Quitting

I have two amazing guests on the podcast today! My friends Danny Morel and Kelsey Humphries share their incredible story of creating everything from nothing with us!

Expanding Your Vision to Achieve Success with Danny Morel

Danny is a real estate sales coach and Founder of Intero Real Estate Services Rancho Cucamonga, Downey and La Quinta Southern California. With an impressive background in the real estate industry, Danny Morel brings over 15 years to the real estate business as a coach, mentor, investor and broker. Danny’s interest in the real estate industry began with the simple dream of buying his mother a house. From there, he learned about the industry, began selling homes and this led to obtaining coaches to further his career. As an agent, Danny successfully sold 150 homes in a year while only working 4.5 days a week, and by 27 earned 1.5 million in commissions during the course of one calendar year.  From that passion grew his coaching company where Danny had the pleasure of leading almost 500 agents to success in their careers through multi-day seminars that impacted thousands of lives. In 2013 Danny was named to the top 50 Most Influential list. Learn more about Danny at

As a young boy, Danny Morrell bounced from one small apartment to another as his single mom struggled to pay rent. It was a TV show,  Beverly Hills 90210 that exposed him to the idea of “what is possible”

Years later, Danny is a mega success. His energy and drive is nothing short of magnetic!

On this episode, you will learn:

  • A trick for stopping worry dead in its track
  • How to shift your messed up belief systems
  • How you can grow a following with your vision
  • Why anything great has nothing to do with the how or the process

Not Knowing When to Quit with Kelsey Humphries

Kelsey Humphreys is a  MASTER at enrolling others in her vision!

As a bestselling author and international keynote motivational comedian, actor, singer she has spent over 4,000 hours studying success habits and interviewing moguls & celebrities, landing guests like Rachael Ray, Barbara Corcoran, Tony Robbins, Larry King, Dave Ramsey and more

Her work has been published for publications like Entrepreneur Magazine, Success Magazine, the Huffington post and others, with a total distribution of more than 140 million.

Kelsey achieved all of the above without an agent, manager, publicist or sanity.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why you should fake it until you make it
  • Pushing through when the competition quits
  • Why Kelsey follows the mantra of Ready, Fire, Aim
  • How you can battle self doubt daily



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My experience with Basis

This post is sponsored by Basis.

Hi friends! Happy almost-Friday! I hope you’re having a lovely morning and I’m so happy you enjoyed yesterday’s podcast episode! I had a blast talking with Dawn and learned so much from her during our chat. If there’s anyone you’d like to hear in upcoming episodes, please let me know. (I have one coming up with an expert in HIIT training and science, an RD speaking about prenatal nutrition, and a psychologist on the way.)

Sooooooo. There’s a lot going on. The past few weeks have been extra crazy and something about last week’s full moon really set everyone off. The girls and I were all kind of grouchy, we slept terribly, and P and I were both very emotional. Last Wednesday while the girls were at school, I started crying and was weeping until it was time to pick them up. While I was at home, I had some tea and crawled into bed for a bit, and when I got up and checked my email, already feeling much better, there was an email from Basis asking me if I’d like to try their new mental health services. Talk about perfect timing, right?


Here’s a little bit about Basis, which is a totally new company:

– You pay $35 to speak with a trained specialist when you’re going through a tough moment or situation. The specialist uses science-backed approaches to help guide you to solving the problem and the 45-minute phone call or video chat will leave you with actionable steps and perspective.

– You can schedule the chats to fit with your schedule and do not have to buy a package or monthly subscription. You can literally “drop in” for $35 for each session, which to me is considered a steal for a talk sesh + help determining a plan.


When you sign up, you can briefly describe what you’re going through and request a female or male provider. You can also pick a topic where you’d like to focus and I picked parenting.

Basis screenshot

I scheduled a call with Meagan and was really looking forward to chatting with her about the stuff that’s been going on, mostly regarding our sleep issues.

You guys. I was SO DANG SMUG when both girls slept through the night from when they were babies until they were 2ish. I read The Baby Whisperer, followed her steps, and BOOM. Perfect sleepers for the most part. Then when they each turned two and figured out they could get out of their crib (or bed), that’s when things got rough. I’ve done so much research, we’ve tried so many different things, and I can’t get them to stay in their beds for a consistent amount of time. (Usually if they do it, it’s a fluke. Or we just stayed up way past their bedtime dancing at the Greek Festival.) This is a huge reason why I love traveling and hotels so much. They sleep through the night because we’re all in the same room!

They come in at different times, flinging the door open, maybe crying, and crawl into bed with me. When Liv comes in, she sprints down the hallway, barges through the door, and basically takes me from dead asleep to fearful for my life within 10 seconds. I have a really hard time winding back down after they come in, so in the mornings, I’m dragging. [Worth noting that it doesn’t bother me that they come in, but it bothers me that they wake me up. I put them to sleep in their beds so that they’ll hopefully learn the stay there, and they can come into my bed if they’re scared or whatever in the night, but don’t wake me up.]

Sleep mask

(Even my beloved sleep mask can’t save me from this.)

Everything I’ve seen online recommends traumatizing them somehow. Ok, I could lock the door. And I’d have two screaming, inconsolable children in the hallway and I’d never go back to sleep. I know that Liv also has anxiety, which is something that affects me, and I don’t think that it would be a smart idea to lock her out of our room.

I was really interested to talk to the Basis specialist to see what she had to say.

So, this session was very unlike therapy. She didn’t ask, “How does it make you feel?” or tell me exactly what to do. Instead, she guided me to resources online and helped me think of some ideas to change the situation. For example, we came up with the game to tiptoe like a mouse into my room. We practiced it last night (with a contest to see who could be the quietest mouse) and the girls were both so sneaky and quiet in the middle of the night. We also tried to think of some ideas to motivate them to stay in bed, the way they feel motivated to behave in church or get ready for school on time. They just know and do it.

The session was the most helpful because I could just freely talk to someone. Sometimes I use my mom or my friend Betsy as a sounding board for whatever’s going on, and I don’t always want to be a Debbie Downer, ya know? It’s nice to have a neutral outside party that will chat with you about challenging situations.

It’s also worth noting that I checked out some similar services online and many of them had a therapist checking in on me multiple times a day. It already takes me 5 business days to respond to texts so I’m sure that would just add to my stress haha. Many of them also required monthly subscriptions.

If you’re interested in trying out Basis for yourself, especially as things get stressful or busy, here’s my referral link to give it a whirl. It will give you $20 off!

Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll see ya soon.



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Leaving it all behind and stepping in front of the camera

Leaving It All Behind For More with Allison Maslan

Allison Maslan was a young mom, she was at the height of a self made advertising career. Making lots of money and living large she was fully living “the dream”. Working with huge brands like Ben & Jerry’s, Merrill Lynch, and more.

Although she appeared uber successful and was admired for thriving at such a young age, she was continually stressed, working around the clock and  not living in her purpose and was anything BUT happy.

That stress and that hustle brought on a terrible freak car accident while she was in route to pick up her daughter from daycare.

Taking a forced time to recover, heal and think, she decided to walk away from that which no longer served her.

Allison walked away from a successful business, a marriage and all funds and into a new identity: As a broke, single mom. All Allison left with was a desire for more.

Grab her free offer at:

 In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why money does not equal happiness
  • How to manifest who you truly are
  • Why you should say ‘yes’ and figure out the rest later
  • And Allison’s secret to success that everyone can do

Stepping In Front of the Camera with Tiffany Lee Bymaster

Tiffany Lee Bymaster Originated as a camera shy makeup artists  BEHIND the camera, Tiffany Lee aka Coach Glitter was great at her job but wanted more. On set for countless hours, she would listen and keenly observe all of the information she was learning from her powerful clients.

As she watched and learned she started to ask herself one simple question that changed the course of her life…

“Why not me?”

That question and hunger for more sparked a fire inside that lead her to a mega successful brand where the once camera shy coach is now a leading Camera Confidence Coaching program.

On this episode, you will learn:

  • How to overcome anxiety by “going for things anyway”
  • Why you should always add more value than is asked of you
  • Why you should choose to lead with service and worry about the financials later
  • How to utilize mentors, coaches, and masterminds to build your dream



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Leveling Up – Creating EVERYTHING from Nothing Podcast!

I am SO incredibly excited for today! Today is the official release of my podcast Leveling Up – Creating EVERYTHING from Nothing! I’ve spent the past couple months interviewing some incredible individuals who really opened up and broke down how they were able to create the life of their dreams, even when life seemed hopeless.

Today, I wanted to give you four incredible episodes because I loved them so much I couldn’t wait any longer! I would love it if you could go over and subscribe, rate, and review on iTunes because I don’t want you to miss any of the new episodes as they come out!

Now let me introduce you to my first four friends!

Rewriting Your Story with Natalia Kern

Natalie Kern was born and grew up in Ukraine during post soviet collapse, civil war and other political and economical tragedies, Natalia Kern grew up in a small town with without even running water. Natalia had all odds stacked against her for success.

Despite this, she had a mom that told her she could accomplish anything she wanted and she thankfully believed her.

Natalia taught herself 5 languages, immigrated to the US, and transformed herself into a professional model then an internationally published writer and now today, she is a much sought after successful women who teaches other how to have it ALL.

She rewrote her past story and now helps others re-write their story.

Today, meet Natalia on a more personal level while she shares with us exactly how you TOO can accomplish ANYTHING that you set your mind to and LEVEL UP creating everything from Nothing.

Connect with Natalia

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to rewrite your own story
  • The best way to not allow your past to dictate your future
  • The art of creating the life you truly desire

Cultivating Your Why Before Anything Else with Mike Dillard

Mike Dillard created 10 million dollars in revenue on a start up business in its first year. 18 months in when he thought he was on track to bring his business to 100 million, his world came crashing down.

Overnight his sales were gone, his business tanked , and he most valuable trait that he had,  (his reputation) was taken away and used against him.

He lost EVERYTHING. His wife, his partner, his possessions, and his voice.

Mike is a true example of someone who has repeatedly LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from nothing

In this episode, you will learn:

  • When everything is taken from you, how do you shift and create more.
  • How to find self-awareness before you do anything.
  • Why you should live your life for you and nobody else.
  • How are you able to create the next multi-million dollar idea.

Being Unapologetically Successful with Chris Harder

Chris Harder didn’t just drop out of college, he was KICKED OUT.He was smart though –  and hungry – and he learned about sales and leadership early on.

In a fast paced career in his early 20’s, Chris quickly found him and his wife in a cycle of “keeping up with the Joneses”

When the recession hit, he failed hard and he was stripped of his “fake” identity as he calls it. He sold his possessions, downsized , ate his way to a 30 lb weight gain and tumbled into a sad few years of asking himself “what is my value?” He is now GRATEFUL for what those hard times taught him.

Years later, a number of seven figure successful businesses, Chris shares his journey of leveling up with us today.

Welcome Chris to Leveling up… creating EVERYTHING from NOTHING.

On this episode, you will learn:

  • How shifting your mindset will create success.
  • How to use gratitude to manifest your best life.
  • Why money is important but not everything.
  • How you can turn your life around even from your rock bottom.

The One Love Movement with Kim Bauman

Kim Bauman is now the Founder of One Love Movement, a yoga teacher, and the creator and facilitator of One Love Heroes talk show and podcast. One Love Movement is a nonprofit that brings people together to take action and build support for projects advancing social justice, particularly to under-represented kids.

But it wasn’t always like that. Abandoned as a baby in Seoul Korea, with all odds NOT in her favor,  Kim Baumans life could have gone in a VERY different direction.

You see, nobody gets to choose what or WHERE they are born into,  but they DO get to choose what they decide to believe and create in their lives.

Kim believes it is her  duty, and her purpose, to touch as many people possible and make a difference in the dignity and humanity of their own life.

To learn more, please go to:

On this episode, you will learn:

  • The art of practicing gratitude, compassion, and service.
  • How you can use your message to level up the world.
  • How shifting your perspective can allow for massive growth.



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New Fit Guides are HERE! (customized workout plans based on your goals)

Hi friends! I’ve been waiting for this day for the past few months! They’re finally here:

Fitnessista Fit Guide Cover Display

New Fit Guides are available (choose from 6!) and they’re better than ever.

When I first released the Fit Guides, it was on a subscription basis. The feedback was incredible and everyone seemed to love the plans. The Facebook group was bumping with testimonials from women who felt stronger, more empowered on their fitness journey, and were crushing their personal goals. 

When I saw a subscription cancelation notice, I’d usually send a quick email to see if there was any feedback they could share so I could make the plans better.

The major reason:

It was a subscription. 

I totally get it. I’m particular about subscriptions, too, and so often, I’d rather pay once and enjoy than have to continue to pay monthly.


So that was a huge change that I made. You pay once, and you get everything:

12 weeks of customized workouts to suit your goals and preferences

4 weeks of meal plans and grocery lists from a Registered Dietitian (Kim! She is SO amazing at fueling athletes and providing healthy, sustainable meal plans as you work towards your goals)

2 bonus follow-along workout videos: HIIT + Strength and Pure HIIT 

Fit Guide Bonus Covers

– Cardio guidelines with extra cardio workouts to do at home or the gym

When you purchase a Fit Guide, you have 5 options to choose from: Benchmark Babe, Cardio Queen, Lean Machine, Fitness Freak, and Home Workout Warrior. (Early postpartum mamas will be referred to my post baby bod plan, which is a safe, effective way to get back in the fitness game after giving birth. Post baby bod advanced is for those who want to take it to the next level.)

Fit guide ladies

How do you choose which plan is for you?

You can take this free and fun quiz to see what I’d suggest! You aren’t obligated to purchase your quiz result and can choose from any Fit Guide you’d like. If you’re torn between plans, please leave a comment or send me an email and I’ll help you decide.

Why did I create these plans?

There are a ton of fitness plans in the internet sea, but they’re designed for one person. One type of exerciser, one type of goal, one type of training style. They don’t take into account personal goals and preferences, but instead loop everything into a general plan or category. Of course, sharing fitness is a GREAT thing, but I thought that there has to be a better way to customize workout plans.

I really wanted to create something different, and something that would cater to the various goals and likes/dislikes that are out there. 

For SO long, I received requests to do online personal training. It’s something I’d love to do, but I’d much rather be able to help a lot of people instead of like 5 a month. It’s something I’ve been trying to figure out since I started the blog, so in order to help as many people as possible, I categorized the 6 most common types of clients I train:

The Benchmark Babe (working to get started or back in the fitness game. They’re setting their benchmark for success!)

Cardio Queen (the cardio junkie who loves the sweat and endorphins of cardio but may be lacking the fitness front)

The Lean Machine (the strength training maven who likes to follow a structured muscle split and has goals to increase lean muscle)

The Fitness Freak (those who love all the classes and all of the fitness equipment! The more variety, the better)

The Home Workout Warrior (the ones who get in their fitness hustle at home. They’re dedicated to their goals, but may need some more structure or variety)

The early postpartum mama, who wants to get back her fitness levels without compromising the healing process post-birth

These are also the types of clients I LOVE TO TRAIN. I truly enjoy creating fitness plans and have been doing it for a long time. There’s a lot of art and science that went into the design and structure of each plan. They’re not something I just threw together; each one was created with purpose (and so much love!). They’re like my lil fitness plan babies. 

Here’s what our first round of Fit Guide ladies had to say:

Fit guide testimonialsFit guide testimonial 2

Fit guide feedback

Some of the amazing results:

Laura progress shots

Fit guide progress

And as a Fit Guide tester myself – I do Lean Machine or Fitness Freak workouts almost every time I strength train – along with more focused nutrition, they’ve changed my body. I feel stronger, leaner, and these solid workouts (in addition to eating more carbs and protein) have me feeling so much more energized. 

Fitnessista fit guide

Who these plans are for:

– Those who are looking for structure and guidance, especially as we head into the busy holiday season. It’s so much easier to stay committed and motivated when you have a plan in place (and someone cheering you on!)

– Those who are comfortable strength training and can execute movements on their own with proper form. We have a comprehensive exercise gallery here and I’m always adding new workout moves! As always, please check with a doctor before making any fitness changes.

– Those who want a personal trainer without the extra time requirement and expense. For the cost of less than 2 personal training sessions, you get 12 weeks worth of workouts, tools, and motivation

– Those who have hit a plateau and are looking to shake things up, take fitness to the next level and accomplish new goals

Who these plans are NOT for:

– Those who don’t like to strength train on their own or purely take fitness classes

– Those who are happy doing their own thing

Take your free fitness quiz here and check out the plans here! The price will jump this weekend to $97, so now’s the time to get dibs on your spot.

We’ll be starting the workouts on Monday of next week so I hope you’ll join in the fun. 



Congrats to the winner of the Fit Guides sneaky giveaway: Hillary! (Check your email for your access code today)

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Her secret to shedding 40lbs in 4 months: the recap one year later

Hey guys! I’m sharing something intimate with you today and believe it will make a difference for you.

What I’m sharing is a ‘big reveal’ around what Nicole, one of my most heartfelt transformation success stories, was holding onto and what she let go of to lose and keep off the 40 extra pounds she was painfully carrying.

What I’m proud of is the ripple effect my clients like Nicole experience. The ripple effect is what you’ll hear us talk about in our no holding back, questions answered girl talk. Hit play!

Back to you. Your choices to pick up something unhealthy and comfort your body often doesn’t come from a physiological response unless your body is in distress/eliciting a negative response, and that’s another story. Where these less than amazing choices come from is someplace MUCH deeper and THAT place is what either makes us or breaks us in the key areas (that we share about in this video) that matter.

Join us for real girl talk in this 20-minute tell-all. We want to hear from you and if you relate!

[embedded content]

Girl Talk with Natalie Jill

Girl Talk with Natalie Jill

Join us on our next retreat HERE and experience your own breakthrough!





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Meet Terri! 37 Pound Weight Loss Success Story!

Meet Terri! 37 Pound Weight Loss Success Story!

Meet Terri! 37 Pound Weight Loss Success Story!

In Terri’s words:

Meet Terri! 37 Pound Weight Loss Success Story!

Click to Pin!

“Thank You is not enough to say to Natalie Jill and the entire team of people that helped me get my life back. I am so grateful for this amazing tribe of women and so appreciative for my new sustainable lifestyle. The opportunity to participate in Natalie’s groups and her Breakthrough Weekend has been a blessing.

Soooo proud to say that I no longer need to wear curvy jeans!!  I started with Natalie Jill at a size 16 and am now wearing an 8 🙂

For most of my life I did not have to worry about my weight. I was active and thin. After suffering a back injury, my workouts stopped and I slowly began gaining weight. I am 50 and want to be active, travel and have fun!! I knew that was hard to do if I was feeling unhealthy and overweight.

Most importantly, I would like to say thank you to Natalie Jill for sharing and being fun and positive. My husband and I both enjoy the positive message that you share and the fun way you share it. My goal is to be fit and healthy!!

Weight loss is 37 pounds (since Jan 2017), BMI 25. Percent body fat 32.5. I am now inside the healthy zone and feel amazing. I have decided that this journey shall continue forever.”

Wow! Go Terri! We are SO PROUD of you! You are FIT, HEALTHY and inspiring us all!

Meet Terri! 37 Pound Weight Loss Success Story!

Meet Terri! 37 Pound Weight Loss Success Story!

WHO is next?

YOU can do this too! Get the program Terri followed HERE!



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Aging in Reverse


Aging in reverse

When I’m told “I’m too old” I choose to ignore it. You see, I’ve decided to age in REVERSE. Many people “hide” their age, but I pretty much blast it from the roof tops. Why? Because to me, I feel GREAT for 46. I am not ashamed of my age and I don’t feel the need to try and be 20 again. I love progressing towards the best me possible!

I believe in aging in reverse

What does Aging in reverse mean?

Aging in reverse means “improving” and getting BETTER, SMARTER, STRONGER as the years go by. You have more experience, more resources, more trial and error, more practice, more knowledge so WHY NOT?

Why listen to people that put “aging” into such a negative light?

Here is how to embrace aging in reverse:

Eat real food. Stay as CLOSE to natural as possible. Processed food and junk will AGE you and put unnecessary strain on your body. Our bodies were NOT designed to process chemicals, artificial junk and high doses of sugar! Keep it real unprocessing your diet

Eat your veggies and phytonutrients. Vegetables have so many amazing nutrients to help keep you feeling and looking young.  Nobody EVER “got fat” eating too many carrots! 🥕 ‘s
Seriously- don’t get me started here. Load up on those veggies!

Stay active!  Just MOVE! Park further, walk more, play, walk instead of drive, bike to run errands, take the long cut, and keep moving. Quit sitting so dang much!!! (Yup I’m yelling)

Challenge yourself always. Progression with your body as well as your mind is key. You can ALWAYS improve from where you are no matter what your age. Practice, be determined, and move forward!

Try new things and never stop with your goals. Age is not a reason to not go for your goals.
Keep negativity out of your life. If someone causes stress or brings you down there is no reason to engage with them.

Drop the excuses and self imposed stops. FIND SOLUTIONS and progress forward. You are not “too old” it’s not “too late” you are just getting started!

Age backwards. XO Natalie Jill

Outfit in above image is burgundy crush from my limited edition collection! When it’s gone it’s gone! Grab it HERE

Practice Aging Backwards with my do anywhere Bodyweight workout DVD’s HERE




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