Becoming An Influencer with Ulyses Osuna

Becoming An Influencer with Ulyses Osuna

21 years old Ulyses Osuna is so much wiser beyond his years.  At just 21 yrs old , Ulyses founded and runs the uber successful agency “Influencer Press “ that manages publicity for Influencers & several clients worth over $100m!

A couple of his clients include:

>Ed Mylett (he’s been on Leveling UP too)

>Ben Lee who created the app for Tony Robbins & Snoop Dogg

>Gerard Adams who sold Elite Daily for $50m

As a kid , Ulyses dreamed of big Fame and spotlight and he was fascinated by psychology. Those fascinations coupled with a father who taught him the value of hard work and made Ulyses a HUGE success at a young age.

Join us today and learn how ULYSES has LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from Nothing.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to get published
  • How you’re able to capitalize on being in the spotlight
  • How to align yourself with some of the top people in the world



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