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Persistence In The Face of Failure with Lori Harder

Persistence In The Face of Failure with Lori Harder Lori Harder was an overweight kid in an overweight family. “Bad genetics,” was what she believed she had. She was  teased in elementary school about her weight and her religion which led her into anxiety and panic attacks. After picking up a fitness magazine one day, […]

Hustle, Believe, Receive with Sarah Centrella

You can manifest the life of your dreams, and Sarah Centrella is the master of this.  Sarah was married to her High School sweetheart and together for nearly 16 years. As a stay home mom With 3 kids she was content. After watching a tv episode about husbands that cheat, A quick moment of woman’s […]

Expanding Your Vision and Never Quitting

I have two amazing guests on the podcast today! My friends Danny Morel and Kelsey Humphries share their incredible story of creating everything from nothing with us! Expanding Your Vision to Achieve Success with Danny Morel Danny is a real estate sales coach and Founder of Intero Real Estate Services Rancho Cucamonga, Downey and La […]

Meet Terri! 37 Pound Weight Loss Success Story!

Meet Terri! 37 Pound Weight Loss Success Story! In Terri’s words: Click to Pin! “Thank You is not enough to say to Natalie Jill and the entire team of people that helped me get my life back. I am so grateful for this amazing tribe of women and so appreciative for my new sustainable lifestyle. […]

Aging in Reverse

4.1K Shares Aging in reverse When I’m told “I’m too old” I choose to ignore it. You see, I’ve decided to age in REVERSE. Many people “hide” their age, but I pretty much blast it from the roof tops. Why? Because to me, I feel GREAT for 46. I am not ashamed of my age […]

I have always hated my arms

I have always hated my arms I have always hated my arms. In fact, as a baby I had super chubby arms. I’m not exaggerating. The kind with rolls on them- like the Pillsbury dough boy. For real. My mom said people used to “comment” on the 9 rolls on my arms (yes there were […]

NEW Workout Clothes by Natalie Jill Fitness

1.5K Shares NEW Workout Clothes by Natalie Jill Are HERE!  I am so excited to share with you that my brand new workout line is HERE and NOW AVAILABLE! I have seriously LOVED designing the functionality of this line! For my workout clothes, I wanted fashion and comfort. Not only that, but I wanted to […]

Wellness Your Way Four Seasons Maui

208 Shares My husband and I share the love of travel. We make it a goal to experiment with different locations and resorts but there is one that keeps drawing us back – The Four Seasons Maui in Wailea. We recently made our way back to try out their Wellness Your Way Program and it […]