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5 Drivers of Performance with Dana Cavalea

5 Drivers of Performance with Dana Cavalea When Dana Cavalea’s dream of becoming a pro athlete was shattered, he decided that there had to be some blessing and opportunity in his disappointment. At age 19, he accepted a job cleaning up towels and being a water boy with the Yankees.  Dana never looked at this […]

Over It and On With It with Christine Hassler

At age 11, young Christine was depressed from being bullied and teased. She spiraled into 20 years of antidepressants and antianxiety medication dependence. She muted her emotions and her feelings and believed that she was broken, unlikeable and that something was very wrong with her and the medications and doctors diagnoses were all the evidence […]

Mommy Millionaire with Cayla Craft

At the innocent young age of just 5, Cayla’s dad was incarcerated and a drug addict. Her mom, left to fend for the kids was forced to declare bankruptcy. Feeling ashamed with cards stacked against her and odds NOT in her favor, Cayla shifted her mindset through positive thinking, books and breathing techniques. Today, Cayla […]

It’s All About Hard Work with Fabio Viviani

Growing up in Florence Italy in a modest, blue collar italian family, Fabio knew food stamps and a life of “hard work” for necessity. He understood “broke” and never knew a world where “things would come easy” He had his first job at age 11 working at a bakery and did not know then that […]

Becoming An Influencer with Ulyses Osuna

Becoming An Influencer with Ulyses Osuna 21 years old Ulyses Osuna is so much wiser beyond his years.  At just 21 yrs old , Ulyses founded and runs the uber successful agency “Influencer Press “ that manages publicity for Influencers & several clients worth over $100m! A couple of his clients include: >Ed Mylett (he’s […]

Deciding Comes First

Deciding Comes First “If I lived where you did I too would be fit, healthy, creative, successful, happy… (insert any number of words).” That is a message I get daily. And here is the thing…You are right. But here is my question: What are you going to do about it? How bad are you wanting what […]

Maxing Out with Ed Mylett

Nearly two and ½ decades agon, Ed Mylett and his newlywed were showering at the apartment complex they were rentings outside shower because their own water had been turned off. Their car had been repossessed. Their electricity had been shut off and now they didn’t even have water. Growing up in a as he calls […]

Mastering Leadership with Michael Strasner

Mastering Leadership with Michael Strasner SPECIAL EDITION on Leveling Up Today! Today, one of my personal coaches and mentors, Michael Strasner joins us! If you don’t know Michael’s work yet, you will! He is a master leader in the work of personal and professional coaching and has been doing this for over 30 year! Through his […]