What Is Model Health with Shawn Stevenson

What Is Model Health with Shawn Stevenson

Shawn Stevenson is the author of the international bestselling book Sleep Smarter and creator of The Model Health Show! He is featured as the #1 Health podcast on iTunes

Shawn has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine, Fast Company, Forbes, Men’s Health magazine, ESPN, CNN, and many other major media outlets.

Before: Solid 32% Candy, 17% Cheetos!

Growing up on microwave dinners, fast food,and candy. Food was FOOD to Shawn Stevenson.

16 years old Shawn Stevenson was diagnosed with brittle bone after breaking a hip. Standard of Care did not ask about diet or lifestyle. He was told that he wouldn’t get better and he believed it!

In a back Brace , with a body that was breaking down and gaining weight,  eating more krispy kreme donuts, swallowing pills and hanging out in bed became his routine.

One evening , after a girlfriend made a comment about his body that he didn’t like he started to reflect over pill bottles and once again sitting in bed that DOCTORS tell him he won’t get better. But THOSE doctors weren’t thinking about HIM. Decided that he needed to help himself.

Join me today as I learn from Shawn how he LEVELED UP and CREATED EVERYTHING from NOTHING!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why sleep is so important to your health
  • How being genuine and open can grow your audience
  • The art of strong relationships
  • How Shawn was able to go from being overweight to the idea of model health



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